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Theme Retreats In The Jesuit Tradition


Manresa Jesuit Spiritual Renewal Centre in Pickering
2325 Liverpool Road
Pickering, Ontario L1X 1V4
Tel: (905) 839-2864
Fax: (905) 839-7289


Articles on Prayer


Rosary Lane
Rosary Lane


"A Method of Making

the General Examen"
Edited by
Fr. Martin Royackers, S.J.

Contemplation To Attain Divine Love
Edited by Martin Royackers, S.J.

A Method of Contemplation
Edited by Martin Royackers, S.J.

By John O'Donnell, Halifax, NS

What Prayer Is
By Thomas H. Green, S.J.

Prayer: A Personal Response

to God's Presence
By Armand Nigro, S.J.

Scripture Passages for Retreat
Compiled by Frank Whelan, S.J. and Bob Finlay, S.J.



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